Shinberg and Acrisure Benefits Group

Shinberg, a partner agency of Acrisure, offers employee/employer benefit solutions through Acrisure Benefits Group (ABG). ABG combines the strategic and tactical value of brokerage services with the talent and resources of a consulting firm. Acrisure Benefits Group’s mission is to turn your employee benefit expense into an organizational investment.

How We Do It

Acrisure Benefits Group understands that today’s reality is doing more with less and getting less for more. ABG offers a disciplined process designed to:

MEASURE your current program strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
DESIGN a plan around your organizational objectives.
EXECUTE and track the measurable continuously.
INSPIRE employees to take ownership in their health associated costs and fully understand the total value of your organization’s benefit program.

Acrisure Benefits Group is the standard bearer with regard to depth and breadth of resources. ABG offers unlimited access to LOCAL talent.